About Us

SpaceTiD is an advanced data center digitalization service provider that specializes in delivering comprehensive software-defined solutions and digital transformation services. With expertise in smart computing fusion, we offer consulting services, software and hardware solutions that are customized to meet the unique requirements of our clients. Through our software-defined digital platform, we empower our customers to transcend conventional boundaries and seamlessly connect to the world of computing power.

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SpaceTiD = "Cyberspace Digital Engine"

D refers to: Digital,Data,Disruptive,Diversity and Decentralized...
as well as Dreams...


Our mission is to activate the "Cyberspace Digital Engine" and drive the industry towards the realization of hyperrealistic digitization.
We envision creating a new digital transformation foundation that seamlessly adapts to the era of computing power explosion.
Our core values revolve around mutual achievement, embracing the future, and fostering collaboration.