Data Center Digital Transformation Foundation

Activating the Digital Value of Data Centers

SpaceTiD is committed to building a new and future digital foundation that adapts to the era of computing power explosion. Based on a software-defined digital platform, SpaceTiD is dedicated to activating the digital value of traditional data centers and providing comprehensive solutions.

Smart Gateway Docking with the World of Computing Power

Matching Customers' Varying Needs in Different Stages

Leveraging the digital platform as a gateway for data integration, SpaceTiD provides software and hardware solutions tailored to meet the varying needs of our customers, enabling them to transcend boundaries and connect to the world of computing power.

New Generation Information Technology Ignites New Power

Empowering Digital Engines to Connect to the Future Digital World

SpaceTiD leverages cutting-edge digital technologies like twin histories, realities, and future simulations to establish a secure and reliable digital connection to computing power infrastructure. Bridging the past and the future, we create DC native digital scenes in the data center domain. We activate the "Cyberspace Digital Engine" to ignite a new power within the digital foundation.